CS-100 ECG Study

The CS-100 gathers electrical information about your heart from the same 12 electrode leads as a standard electrocardiogram. However, the data are analyzed by the CS-100 dedicated computer algorithm via a completely different mathematical analysis, allowing us to derive much more information than that of a traditional ECG.lee2

It is known that about 60%-70% of heart attacks occur at the site of blockages of only 50% of the diameter of the coronary artery, yet conventional imaging stress tests such as a nuclear stress tests or stress echocardiography detect blockages in the range of approximately 70% or greater.  This test enables the physician to detect coronary artery blockages of 40% or greater, with upwards of 90% sensitivity when compared to an invasive coronary angiogram, enabling us to get a far more complete and earlier look into your cardiovascular health.