SphygmoCor (Sfig-Moe-Core)

The blood pressure at the heart is different than the blood pressure measured at the arm, and can often predict who will go on to develop true hypertension years before this entity becomes clinically evident. People with normal blood pressure in the arm can have high central blood pressure that could go undetected on a traditional evaluation, often due to stiffening (hardening) of the arteries.  This test can assess your true “vascular age”.  Higher central blood pressure means a higher risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.  High central blood pressure can be lowered by losing weight, exercise, stopping smoking and by taking medications.lee3

A sensor the size of a pen is pressed gently and painlessly against the skin surface at your wrist (over your radial artery). The SphygmoCor system determines your central blood pressure and provides a wide range of valuable information about your heart and arteries. The report shows you how your results compare with those of other men or women your age.

Dr. Lee Marcus hosts national webinar discussing Arterial Pressure Waveform Analysis.