• 1 Zucchini
  • Option to use any other vegetable to mix with zucchini- try carrot, yellow squash, celery root, rutabaga, beets, etc.


  • Use a handheld julienne peeler, a “Veggetti” (can be purchased at Bed Bath & Beyond or Amazon), or other vegetable spiralizer (can be found online), to turn the zucchini (or vegetable of choice) into noodle form
  • Cook zucchini using the appropriate method based on the dish you are preparing


  • Sautee 1 zucchini + 1 yellow squash in 1 tsp olive oil, 2 tbsp chicken broth & minced garlic, onion.
  • Cook until onions brown and remove from flame.
  • Top with ½ cup tomato sauce and 8 oz 99% fat-free ground turkey (for 2 servings).

Note: Tons of “zoodle” recipes can be found online via google.

Serves 2. Nutrition Facts (per serving): Calories – 220, Fat -4g, Fiber -3g, Protein – 30g,

Recipes Provided by:

Maria A. Bella, MS, RD, CDN

Top Balance Nutrition