Comprehensive Blood Panel

A sample of blood is simple to obtain, and in the hands of a sophisticated testing laboratory, yields an extraordinary amount of information about a patient’s health.

Our blood testing goes far beyond simple determination of “good” and “bad” cholesterol, which can miss many patients at risk for a cardiovascular event and lead to inappropriate therapy or lack thereof. Our more advanced analysis:

  • Includes multiple lipid measurements that much more accurately and incrementally evaluate your risk for a heart attack or stroke, and most importantly, are modifiable, potentially allowing you to steer clear of adverse events.
  • Includes select pharmacogenetic and pharmacogenomic testing for deeper risk evaluation and assessment of appropriateness and safety of medications.
  • Evaluates multiple markers of inflammation, a central and often overlooked factor in the progression of heart disease and a potent stimulus for adverse events.
  • Thoroughly evaluates for the presence, and risk of developing diabetes and metabolic syndrome, a main contributor to cardiovascular morbidity and mortality that can potentially be significantly modified by diet and lifestyle changes.
  • We have a partnership with the Mayo Clinic Laboratories, and perform the most advanced cardiovascular diagnostic and prognostic testing with the highest degree of accuracy and reliability.
  • Our optional cutting-edge cancer and cardiovascular genetic screening, through Invitae Corp., provides patients with an invaluable and actionable proactive risk assessment.

Not all patients will undergo the same laboratory testing. Lab testing is personalized to an individual patient’s clinical needs.