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At Preventive Cardiology of New York (PCNY), we truly believe that prevention is the best medicine. With cardiovascular disease being the number one cause of death among men and women globally, it is vital to know your risk. Our comprehensive preventive cardiology workup can help to identify risks and allow us to treat you appropriately, rather than waiting until it is too late.

Understanding Cardiovascular Health Issues

Currently, the general population of the United States has a very basic, if any, understanding of how their cardiovascular health is assessed. This includes measuring “good” or “bad” cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and taking a family history. Unfortunately, this is not enough information to identify the true risk a person has for developing cardiovascular disease – namely heart attack and stroke. The extensive testing available at PCNY allows for much more individualized results so that you have a complete story regarding your risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Discover all of our treatment services available to determine your cardiovascular health. At PCNY, Dr. Lee Marcus is committed to ensuring that all of these preventive tests in NY are administered and interpreted in an expert fashion. Make an appointment today to learn your risk for cardiovascular disease, and to get treated preventively.

PCNY allows for much more individualized results so that you have a complete story regarding your risk for cardiovascular diseases.

Cardiovascular Risk for Disease

By understanding if you are at risk for cardiovascular disease, Dr. Lee Marcus of PCNY can develop a plan of action for you to avoid developing various forms of cardiovascular disease through earlier intervention. Often times, the preventive cardiology care serves as a wake-up call for patients who need to actively work to prevent cardiovascular disease through aggressive lifestyle changes, or need extra motivation to stay on prescribed treatment.

Cardiology State of the Art Testing

The state-of-the-art testing available at PCNY allows us to detect cardiovascular risk earlier than the majority of physicians in the New York area. For example, we are the only practice between Baltimore and Boston with an Electron Beam CT scanner to identify the presence of asymptomatic coronary artery disease using the lowest radiation dose available. We also have other diagnostic testing equipment that is not available anywhere else in the tri-state area. We are capable of evaluating a complex mathematical interpretation of your electrocardiograms to determine the presence of even mild coronary artery disease, much earlier than that seen on a stress test. We also perform an extensive comprehensive blood panels to make highly accurate predictions of one’s cardiovascular health, often decades before they would experience issues. Individualized genetic testing also allows us to tailor the most appropriate treatment regimen and lifestyle change recommendations for you in a personalized manner.

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