Adult Consultative Cardiology Services

Along with the extensive Preventive Cardiology services at Preventive Cardiology of New York (PCNY), we offer Consultative Cardiology services and welcome the opportunity to evaluate, treat, and manage various forms of cardiovascular symptoms and disease. We are able to provide the best cardiovascular care in New York with state-of-the-art technology and the extensive experience offered by Dr. Lee Marcus.

Consultative Cardiology Services

Our consultative cardiology services are recommended for patients who already have known cardiovascular disease, and need guidance and treatment, or for patients who believe they may need to be diagnosed because of symptoms that they or their referring physician feels may be attributable to cardiovascular disease. We provide management of Coronary Artery Disease, Arrhythmias, and Peripheral Vascular Disease. Management of Coronary Artery Disease is vital, as it is the number one killer of men and women in the US and the most common cause of heart disease. PCNY works to minimize the risk of heart attack and stroke through individualized treatment plans. Arrhythmia Workup and management can diagnose and treat symptoms of palpitations, racing heart, dizziness, or fainting, among others, through our advanced tools, and provide guidance on lifestyle changes that need to be made that can lower the incidence of, or eliminate these symptoms along with recommended medical or interventional treatment if needed.

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

In addition to managing and treating the above-mentioned diseases, PCNY also provides Heart Failure Workup and Management along with Preoperative Cardiovascular Risk Assessment. The Heart Failure Workup can determine if a patient has heart failure, what the likely cause is, and whether it is potentially reversible. If a patient is diagnosed with heart failure, Dr. Lee Marcus then begins creating a treatment plan consisting of lifestyle changes, medications, and other possible treatments. The Preoperative Cardiovascular Risk Assessment determines a patient’s risk for undergoing non-cardiac surgery, to determine that patient’s perioperative cardiovascular risk, and outline the best management plan to prevent complications.

The comprehensive Adult Consultative Cardiology Services offered at PCNY have helped patients successfully manage their cardiovascular disease. Learn more about what Dr. Lee Marcus can do for you by making an appointment today.

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