Arterial Pressure Waveform Analysis

Preventive cardiology expert Dr. Lee S. Marcus recently hosted a national webinar discussing the clinical use of central pressure waveform analysis for hypertension and cardiovascular risk management. As the Founder of Preventive Cardiology of New York, Dr. Marcus has much experience in the field, and insight in the management of, hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. In his presentation, Dr. Marcus discussed several important topics, including why hypertension management should be informed by more than just systolic and diastolic values obtained from brachial blood pressure measurement, and how central pressure waveform parameters provide insight into the contributions of wave reflections and arterial stiffness to hypertension and disease progression. Dr. Marcus throughout his presentation also focused on workflow, reviewed patient profiles and case studies, the new CPT coding for the procedure, and clinical data supporting more widespread use of this modality during this illuminating webinar that was sponsored by AtCor Medical.